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What’s up mahi-mahi?

Posted on 09 January 2014
© Diego Pérez / WWF Perú
WWF Peru works to ensure a healthy and productive ocean, which guarantees the conservation of its biodiversity and the provision of goods and services in benefit of all Peruvians and the entire world.

Therefore, WWF Peru promotes the sustainability of mahi-mahi fishery, which represents livelihoods for many families, and generates important incomes per consumption in the domestic and foreign market. This artisanal fishery has grown during the last twenty years, reaching in 2009 an annual landing of nearly 57 thousand tons.

Peru is one of the main countries in which this fish species is caught. Therefore, WWF Peru is working, since 2012, alongside with authorities, artisanal fishermen’s unions, civil society organizations, businessmen and other key stakeholders to foster the adoption of an “Action Plan for the Implementation of the Mahi-mahi Fishery Improvement Project”, and thusly, ensures its sustainability.

What’s up mahi-mahi? shows the feelings of artisanal fishermen of the port of Paita (northern Peru), who strive to ensure this resource sustainability through the establishment of a closed season.

“We want a mahi-mahi forever, and this means we must strive for its sustainability.”
Cesar Alberto Abanto – President of AAARCUDIPA

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