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WWF Peru and Cherman launch artistic line celebrating Peruvian nature
 • Peruvian popular artist captures the essence and reinterprets some of the most iconic species of conservation history in the country

• The art collection was presented within the framework of WWF 50th anniversary celebrations
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 Lima. Art appeals, moves and communicates, and there are few media that are able to accomplish this; specially, if the subject are some animal species that are the most beloved and representative of the effort to preserve our nature. For this reason, WWF Peru and graphic artist Cherman have established a partnership to spread a strong and appealing message of conservation to all Peruvians.

“Jaguar you?” is a typical slang phrase in our country, but if the one who says it is – precisely – a jaguar with a penetrating gaze, who also invites us to preserve our forests, the message takes on a whole new dimension. “Exactly, the idea is to use the power and appeal of Cherman’s talent as to make us aware about how urgent it is to preserve our nature and use our resources sustainably”, says Patricia León, WWF Peru’s Director.

In this regard, the event called “The art of conservation” took place last November 24, at the Hotel Casa Andina Private Collection in Miraflores, where the new collection of paintings developed by Cherman in commemoration of WWF 50th anniversary was presented. For this collection, he worked on 6 of the most representative causes of the panda’s organization in Peru.

WWF works for a living planet since 1961, and began its efforts in our country in 1969 when it helped with the recovery of the vicuña, supporting the creation of the first National Reserve: Pampa Galeras (Ayacucho). Since then it has played a key role in protecting unique natural areas such as Manu National Park, Paracas National Reserve and many others all across the coast, the Andes and the Amazon.
© WWF Perú/ Milagros Gonzales
Patricia Leon, Cherman y Roberto Troya en el Evento de 50 aniversario de WWF
© WWF Perú/ Milagros Gonzales
 Roberto Troya, WWF’s Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, opened the event saying: “We have accomplished a lot in the last 5 decades, but there are always greater and more complex needs to meet in order to ensure a living planet; and Peru and the rest of Latin America have a great responsibility, but also a tremendous opportunity, due to the fact that we house one of the world's largest natural heritages”. For this reason, “WWF has also evolved, modernizing itself as to include a comprehensive approach that seeks to add more and new efforts and partners from all fields, and Cherman is really an ideal partner”, added Patricia Leon, who took this opportunity to present WWF’s renewed approach in our country, which will not only continue to work for the conservation of biodiversity in key areas nationwide, but will now also prioritize its involvement in issues such as water and carbon footprint reduction, along with the population , the private sector and authorities.

The elegant vicuña, emblem of our wildlife in the national coat of arms; the jaguar, Amazon´s predator par excellence, which is safe in the millions of hectares of protected areas managed with
the support of WWF; sea turtles, which now benefit from improved fishing practices that prevent their capture; the mahogany, which represents hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest that are now managed responsibly; the pink river dolphin, whose populations thrive in rivers and lakes recovered and maintained by the local population; and Earth Hour, which has become the largest public demonstration of Peruvians for a healthy environment; are the motifs which, with Cherman’s particular style, make up the collection “The art of conservation”.

The exhibition was also an opportunity for companies like Kimberly Clark, Coca Cola, Backus, Supermercados Peruanos, HP and the host, Casa Andina, to acquire pictures and replicas signed by Cherman in order to join WWF in promoting the conservation of nature and future joint commitments. “The idea is to use this celebration to add new partners, and this is the first step”, concluded Leon.
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