Rio 92 - Rio+ 20. Interview

Sunset on the Amazon, Peru
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 The Living Amazon Initiative WWF, with support from WWF-Brazil, presents a series of interviews over the 20 years that have elapsed between the attainment of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio 92) and the United Nations Conference Sustainable Development (Rio +20), held in June in Rio de Janeiro.

This series - titled 92 River, where it went? Rio +20, where it goes? - Aims to bring the memory of the historical characters encounter and rescue the legacy of Rio 92 conference and listen to these experts' expectations in relation to the Rio +20.

Each day will be presented the testimony of an expert. Environmentalists, businessmen, scientists, economists, diplomats, and journalist, musician and theologian, talk about the contributions that brought the first conference in 20 years for environmental preservation, sustainable development, and welfare of the population.

The diversity of views and experiences was the criterion for the selection of respondents and the authors of the articles. The thoughts expressed and the narration of events that took place are free of conviction for each source who kindly granted an interview.

The mosaic of statements results in a critical view of what the world did in the last 20 years. The views do not flush very acute the importance of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, but rather point out the importance of the historical moment. As important as the one in 1992.

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Rio 92
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Rio + 20
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