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New program "Amo el Río TV"; allows young people from Iquitos and Pucallpa to raise their voices for the rivers

We only defend what we love


Healthy, alive, clean and free flowing rivers: May 6 at 7 pm was the official launch of "Amo el Río TV", the first digital television microprogram focused on the protection of Amazonian rivers, broadcasted on the networks official social networks of this initiative with the support of 10 public sector institutions, academia, civil society and the active participation of more than 40 young leaders from Pucallpa and Iquitos. 

Under the slogan of "We only defend what we love'' this initiative was born, "I Love the River", led by WWF seeks to strengthen the emotional and love ties that exist between the young people of these Amazonian cities and their rivers. From 2020, this collective movement showed the importance of freshwater as a source of clean water, food and an essential means of transportation in the Amazon.

Once the process of awareness began with youth of the Amazon and due to the new context of lockdown, caused by the health emergency, social media became the space for conversation, debate, awareness and transformation. "Amo el Río" finds an ideal moment to launch its first series of microprograms "Amo el Río TV", four episodes focused on the culture of water, disposable masks in the rivers, Pink dolphins and sustainable fishing.

"Despite the importance of rivers for humanity, they continue to be affected by our daily impact," said Kurt Holle, Country Director of WWF Peru. “The time to promote greater awareness and involvement in caring for our nature is now. Let us accompany the young leaders to take action to protect our rivers ”, he highlighted.

As a joint effort, the National Water Authority (ANA) of Ucayali, the direction of the Ministry of Culture (MINCUL) of Loreto, the Amazon Council for the Development of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Mypes in Peru (CADAP), the Red Interquorum of Iquitos and Pucallpa, the NGO Ciudad Saludable, the Environmental Group Tierra Amazónica, the Technological University of Peru (UTEC), WCS, WWF Peru are the institutions that support this initiative.

For more information: www.amoelrio.pe


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