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WWF Peru expresses concern over Ventanilla Oil Spill

Through this statement, WWF Peru regrets and expresses its deep concern about the serious environmental consequences generated by the oil spill that occurred in the facilities of Terminal No. 2 of the La Pampilla Refinery S.A.A. (Repsol Peru)[1] in the district of Ventanilla, in Lima. As a result, the marine ecosystems surrounding 20 beaches[2] have been affected, including Cavero, Bahía Blanca, Santa Rosa and Ancón, as well as the biodiversity of the Sistema de Islas National Reserve, Islets and Puntas Guaneras[3], Islets de Pescadores and the Reserved Zone of Ancón[4].
This disaster has caused devastating effects on species and ecosystems with irreversible consequences for food security and traditional economic activities, such as fishing, on which many coastal communities depend.
From WWF Peru we reiterate the call made by the authorities for the effective and timely monitoring and compliance with the administrative measures that have been dictated by OEFA[5] to the La Pampilla Refinery S.A.A. (Repsol Peru) for the containment, cleaning and mitigation of the environmental impact caused by the oil spill, as well as the need for joint work with the affected communities, particularly artisanal fishers.
Likewise, we call on authorities to prioritize attention to this disaster, considering the terrible damage to the species of fauna and flora, by implementing urgent measures for their recovery. The cleaning of coastal areas contaminated by oil must be carried out with a clear and transparent strategy that takes into account the specific characteristics of the type of fuel in question, and considering the needs of the affected population and how these will be met. We highlight the need for strengthening national environmental institutions, seeking to avoid new oil developments, guaranteeing the management of the transition from fossil fuels to clean energies and ensuring the highest level of environmental protection standards in existing oil and gas developments to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.
Lima, January 20, 2021
WWF Peru


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