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How you can help

Tropical forests, Peru.

Spread the word

Join WWF’s Community

Create your account in any of these websites so you can spread the word about conservation and protection of our planet.

Become an online activist

Become an activist with the WWF Passport and take action by helping uson conservation around the world.

Do something to improve traffic flow

Talk your family and friends into stop depending on cars. Encourage those who have a car to only use it when necessary and walk. They must understand that this is healthy for them and also for nature; moreover they will reduce their ecological footprint.

Make authorities get involved

Don’t be afraid of writing to authorities and politicians, demanding concrete measures and actions to protect the environment.

Show companies and businesses the importance of protecting our environment

Write to the companies and businesses telling them that by investing in clean technologies they can save capital. Let them know that there are more and more consumers like you who require good environmental practices, and that soon this will be the determining factor in making a purchase. Trade and industry are a large part of the problem, but they can also be the solution.

Join forces

Now there are many organizations interested in creating a sustainable environmental future. Find out what they are doing in your area, at schools and the municipality.

Make sure a green future is being built

Find out what social housing programs are conducted in your country, and write to authorities demanding construction of self-sustainable buildings in matters of energy and basic services.