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Enterprising women join the technological revolution in the use of the TrazApp aplication

Enterprising women join the technological revolution in the use of the TrazApp aplication
  • TrazApp is used by more than 300 shipowners and 400 vessels.
  • In 3 years there have been 8,500 fishing trips and more than 80 thousand tons.

Traceability is one of the main tools to combat illegal fishing, mainly contributing to better monitoring, control and surveillance of fisheries, ensuring that catches do not come from informal practices and that management is more transparent.
Therefore, in 2019, WWF together with the main actors in the production chain of artisanal fisheries, developed the mobile application "TrazApp", a digital traceability system that allows obtaining real-time information on fishing activity. From the extraction of the resource through the different stages of the production chain, thus helping to improve the decision-making processes for the sustainability of fishery resources.
In that sense, on September 17 WWF visited the Association "Mujeres emprendedoras del puerto de Quilca" in Arequipa, to train them in the use of the application. This first meeting brought together 37 attendees, including women entrepreneurs from Quilca, as well as independent fishermen interested in being part of the project, who had the opportunity to gain knowledge and immerse themselves in the world of fishing information registration digitally.
"I consider that this project of the use of the application "TrazApp", is a great opportunity to enhance the Artisanal Fishing Landing (DPA) of Quilca since it currently has sanitary authorization and what better than to enhance it", commented Eng. Daniel Arce, Administrator of the DPA.
During the training, an introduction was made on the "TrazApp" application, the objectives were shown, functions and results that have been obtained with cooperatives, associations and landings.

"We are happy that more fishermen's associations are interested in joining TrazApp. It is important that fishing communities know and record their information for better internal control of their activity in order to contribute to the transparency and sustainability of Peru's artisanal fisheries",said José Álvarez, WWF Peru's Marine Program Officer.

About the Association "Mujeres emprendedoras del puerto de Quilca"
It is an association with 10 years of existence, made up of 28 women, who found in fishing a means to earn an income, independent of their husbands, all of them fishermen too. The women of Quilca can perform roles either by fishing, landing the fish, preparing the nets or ice that ships carry when they go out to sea, and even coordinating fishing tasks.

  © Eugenia Llajas/ WWF Perú

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