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TrazApp: the technological revolution of the Peruvian artisanal fishing sector is presented in Japan

  • More than 20 representatives  from companies engaged in the commercialization of seafood (including companies that import squid from Peru), from the IT sector, a consultancy and a research institute participated in the event in Japan.
In April, an important seminar organized by WWF Japan was held in Tokyo, Japan that aimed to raise awareness and promote traceability and the "Global Dialogue Seafood on Traceability" (GDST) standard, among stakeholders, especially Japanese companies that import seafood.
During the seminar, very important topics were addressed. Some of them are: the overview of the Global Dialogue on Seafood for Traceability (GDST) standards, the current state of traceability of Indonesian farmed shrimp, the initiative of the electronic traceability system aimed at the artisanal fishery aligned with the GDST standards in Peru (TrazApp) and the traceability project aligned with GDST standards in Japan.  
It is worth mentioning that the GDST regulatory standards are designed to fulfil the operational needs of companies, while helping them to ensure that products entering the seafood supply chain come from legal production practices.
José Carlos Álvarez, officer of Traceability and Fisheries Information Systems of the WWF Peru Marine Program, led the presentation of a traceability system aimed at the artisanal fishery "TrazApp", and commented that in this information and participation space, attendees understood of traceability and GDST standards. The opportunity also allowed to publicize the achievements and lessons of the application. 
WWF Peru acts as a TrazApp facilitator, bringing together fishermen and authorities, helping to respond to their needs by replacing traditional paper processes with more efficient and transparent digital processes; and ultimately improve the governance and sustainability of fisheries. Since Japan is one of the key destination countries of Peruvian jumbo flying squid, WWF Peru works with WWF Japan on improving its fishery through TrazApp.