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Peru Corporate Partnership Report 2022

Overview of WWF-Peru Corporate Partnerships Fiscal Year 2022

The time to act is now. We have put in place a global conservation strategy that reflects the way the world is changing, meets the big environmental challenges of the age and helps us simplify, unite and focus our efforts for greater impact.
WWF continues to deliver locally in crucial ecoregions around the world but sharpen our focus on six global goals – wildlife, forests, oceans, freshwater, climate and energy, and food – and three key drivers of environmental degradation – markets, finance and governance. We are creating global communities of practice for each of the goals and drivers composed of specialists from WWF and key external partners. This will foster greater collaboration and innovation, incubating new ideas and taking promising ones to scale, as we unite our efforts toward making ambitious targets a reality.
We know that one organization alone can’t effect the change needed. That is why our work on the goals and drivers includes our partnerships with institutions and corporations, both local and global. The changes we want to see in the world can only come about through the efforts of many actors: local communities and national and multinational corporations, governments and NGOs, finance institutions and development agencies, consumers, and researchers.
There has never been a stronger sense of urgency for action. In WWF we are defining new ways of working together to make a difference at a scale that matters. We know we must redefine humanity’s relationship with the planet. And together we passionately believe we can.



Perú Corporate Partnership Report 2022

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