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Three peruvian localities want to become the most loved city in We Love Cities

  • "We Love Cities" is a public engagement campaign, led by WWF that encourages people from all over the world to express their support for sustainable urban development by voting for their cities all over the world. 
  • In this edition, 54 cities around the world participate in the contest. 22 are Latin American cities and three are Peruvian: Jesús María, San Isidro and Lima. The campaign runs from September 19 to October 31. Learn how to vote for your favorite city.

In addition to granting wide visibility to cities, "We love cities" seeks to inspire and raise awareness about the cities’s progress towards sustainability criteria. Also, it’s a chance to recognize communities and strengthen their bond with authorities and decision makers, through of their votes on social networks and of the votes and suggestions sent to the cities through the contest website.


Until the 2020 edition, “We Love Cities” had the participation of more than 150 cities. Its main achievements are the 100,000 suggestions sent to local governments for the construction of more sustainable cities.


It is worth to mention that cities that participate in this contest, also participated in “One Planet City Challenge”, an initiative that marks the climate actions and ambitions of cities, evaluating if they are aligned with the main goals established in the Paris Agreement. More information about the challenge here.


“As an organization, WWF supports the cities’s sustainable development encouraging people to be aware of ecological limits and new environmental challenges our planet is facing” says Daniela Freundt, Leader of the Cities and Climate Change Program at WWF Peru.


With your vote, you support our cities to win this competition for sustainability


The cities of Jesús María, San Isidro and Lima were chosen finalists of the One Planet City Challenge, after an evaluation process that considers their climate commitments. For example, adjusting their emissions in order to limit the increase in global temperature to 1.5º C. 


Support our candidates by VOTING until October 31. Also, share what you love the most about your city on your social networks or comment and share the posts made by your municipality, always with the hashtag “We love + name of your city”. Do not miss the opportunity to send your ideas to the cities so they can improve aspects in the field of sustainable development.  This initiative is led by WWF, a leading nature conservation organization in the world, whose mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.


Enter We Love Cities website and vote!


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