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Our Team

© Staffan Widstrand / WWF

As part of the "panda family", we are committed, passionate and want to make a positive difference in the world for nature and people.


To guarantee the preservation of a country as unique as Peru, a technically solid team is needed, but equally diverse and knowledgeable about the varied realities of our country. For this reason, WWF integrates a complete multidisciplinary team that combines specialties from geography, indigenous affairs and communications, through the various sciences related to nature conservation.

WWF Peru contributes to the sustainable development of Peru, channeling most of its efforts through its national and local partners. Thus, it makes its experience available to the country, through the generation of valuable scientific and technical information on our biodiversity, the formulation and supervision of innovative conservation tools, which are put into practice by authorities, companies and individuals. An approach that integrates a global vision and experience to the particular needs of Peru.

If you wish to contact one of our specialists, write to us at: communications@wwfperu.org

Did you know?

Within WWF Peru, our values are to be optimistic, participatory, inclusive and responsible.

© Nylva Hiruelas

Country Representative

 Kurt Holle | Managing Director


Sandra Garcés | Operational manager
Satomi Icochea  | Senior Accounting Manager
Stephanie Huaranca | Senior Program Administration Manager
Luis Córdova | Financial Management and Procurement Specialist
Giovana Alva | Coordinator of General Services, Logistics and Events
Monica Moisela | Human Resources Officer

Communications and Marketing

Claudia Coronado | Communications and Marketing Manager
Samanta Jiménez | Communications and Marketing Assistant

Climate and Energy / Fresh Water

Daniela Freundt | Cities Coordinator
Brenda Toledo | Fresh Water Officer
Marcia Cruz | Communications Assistant of the Policy Directorate


Cinthia Mongylardi | Director of Forests and Indigenous Affairs
Alipse Valera | Community Forest Management Specialist
Nelson Gutierrez | Landscape Planning Specialist
Alonso Córdova | Forest Coordinator


Fabiola La Rosa | Wildlife Officer


Aimée Leslie | Director of the Marine Program
Evelyn Luna-Victoria | Marine Program Manager
Julia Maturrano | Marine Program Assistant

"You can design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream come true"

© Luis Carrera / WWF Perú