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“Habita el Río”: the artistic exhibition that gathers the love for the river of 26 Amazonian artists opened in Tarapoto

  • More than 100 art lovers, public authorities and artists from the area, who were captivated by the talent of the artists, attended the much awaited show.

As part of Earth Day, the Municipalidad Provincial de San Martin, Dirección Desconcentrada de San Martin (DDC San Martin) and WWF Peru inaugurated "Habita el Río", the third edition of the cultural movement of "Amo El Río”, WWF Peru's initiative that seeks to strengthen the emotional connection of Amazonian youth with their rivers, this April 22 for Earth Day in Tarapoto. 

"We see day by day the harmful effects of pollution, indiscriminate fishing, degradation of river ecosystems, among other challenges. As Amazonian people, by promoting dialogue through art and creativity we can reach new generations, different actors, and diversify the options for change. All actions count," said Luis Alberto Vásquez, director of the Dirección Desconcentrada de San Martin (DDC San Martin).

Under the curatorship of Pepe Atocha and Sandro Granda, the proposal evidence through 9 paintings, 3 drawings, 7 photographs, 1 poem, 2 collages, 4 videos and 1 song, the challenges of nature conservation, the importance of rivers as a source of life and the call to action both individually and collectively for their protection.
"It is important to listen and give voice to the river. This cultural movement is an invitation to dialogue and collective action for the Amazon. Art is a key channel for education and conservation to go hand in hand. We hope that more young people will be inspired to tell stories and raise awareness about the river through art," said Marcia Cruz, Associate Communications Officer for WWF Peru. 

Given the public's response to the opening event, the exhibition will move to other cities in the region such as Moyobamba, Chazuta, San Roque, among others, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, through the DDC San Martin. Currently, "Habita el Río" is available at the facilities of La Patarashca Restaurant - First Floor (Jr. Lamas 261, Tarapoto) for free admission to the public until May 6th.

"We are in time to reconsider, change and opt for more sustainable practices, which take better advantage of the resources that our rivers provide us without harming biodiversity," said Carlos Peralta Torres, Tarapoto artist whose work shows the contrast between a living river and bad human practices on it.

At the same time, the cultural movement in the region will detonate urban interventions such as talks, technical and practical workshops for artists, alliances with local universities and schools, among other actions. Likewise, "Amo El Río" will initiate in the coming months the call for artists in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios.