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Generation 10: the network of young people that will transform the planet

Posted on 22 July 2020
  • Get to know the free platform that will offer young people the opportunity to build a network and learn what they need to do to make an impact.
  • Young people between 18 and 34 years old from all over Latin America will be able to apply and be part of this WWF initiative at 
  • The region has the largest young population in its history and it is time to get involved and act.
They say that the world after this pandemic is not going to be the same, but how do we want it to be? WWF, the world conservation organization, answered this question with a call to all young people in Latin America to work together for a sustainable world. The deterioration of our natural wealth, marked by climate change, loss of biodiversity and unsustainable consumption habits, can only be reversed if the younger population acts.
"We know that young people have the capacity to learn about any subject, we also know that they have the desire to solve the challenges presented by today's world - this motivated us to create a network that offers them opportunities to learn about environmental issues and to join with others with whom they can solve these challenges together," explains Kurt Holle, Country Director of WWF Peru. "In Generation 10 we seek to offer them the possibility of doing something, from relevant changes in their day-to-day lives to participating in world events," says Kurt.
The network allows young people to get to know each other and generate connections, access funding and participation opportunities, free online courses, and most importantly, ask for and get help. The online platform, which is completely free, will also have mentors to support young people on key issues such as project management, fundraising or digital activism.
This way, a young person in Peru could get a partner for his green venture in Chile, or a Mexican could get thousands of volunteers for his campaign against single-use plastics. Activism, entrepreneurship and leadership are part of the learning that can be obtained by those who are admitted at
Why Generation10?
Because the next 10 years are crucial for stopping climate change and biodiversity loss and will only be achieved if young people become agents of change to scale up solutions to sustain life on our planet.
Who can participate?
All young people from 18 to 34 years old, regardless of their level of education or how involved they are with these issues, can apply. Preserving life on the planet is everyone's job," says Kurt.