Completing The Puzzle

Posted on 23 May 2014
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This paper is the result of the systematization of experiences from the Environmental Services & REDD+ Roundtable (Spanish acronym: MSAR). These experiences describe the building of a new alliance between MSAR and the Madre d Dios Regional Government (GOREMAD= to prepare and implement REDD+ (Reducing Emissions of GHG [greenhouse gases] caused by Deforestation and Degradation) within the framework of green development and sustainable natural resources use.

The creation of MSAR and the new Regional Environmental Authority (Sapnish acronym: ARA) – institutionalized through a social pact – is a sign of the consolidation of government policy for environmental governance. This Roundtable serves as the voice of experience and offers support to the national and regional governments in preparing and implementing REDD+.

The institutionalization of dialogue spaces and capacity building between government and civil society will foster sustainable changes over time at a regional level and binding agreements at the national and international levels.