Against the Current

Posted on 06 November 2013
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In this paper, the most relevant regulations constituting the anchoveta regulatory framework in Peru are identified and analyzed in order to make a proposal, from the civil society, which supports this resource management. Such regulations have been chosen due to its major impacts around effectiveness, equity and sustainability of this main fishery. There is special emphasis in making explicit the incentives structure generated by the main regulations influencing both the sector and stakeholders, particularly focused on their impact upon the fishery sustainability.

This paper is critical to open dialogue spaces among key stakeholders of this fishery, and we certainly hope that through the appropriate technical debates, a reflection process begins with aims to ensure the anchoveta sustainability as well as the country development.

The paper AGAINST THE CURRENT. Challenges for the sustainability of the anchoveta fishery. Economic and Regulatory Analysis is the result of the joint efforts with the Peruvian Institute of the Universidad San Martín de Porres.

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