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Forest and Indigenous Affairs

The responsible and sustainable management of forests is essential to ensure the health and lives of people. As well as keep the well-being of the ecosystems.

© Daniel Martínez / WWF Peru

Forests are a key ally to combat climate change. They regulate the climate and provide us ecosystem services such as water, clean air, food, and medicines. However, 46% of the territory is highly vulnerable. Affecting the home of more than 50 indigenous peoples (12% of the country's population), whose culture is appreciated around the world.

The Peruvian forest is a biodiversity hotspot

that provides fundamental resources for the well-being of people, especially for indigenous communities,  and for the country's development. Besides, the forest occupies more than half of the country's area (56.9%), being the Amazon the largest forest territory in the country (94%), and an important carbon pool at a global level.

Peru is one of the ten countries with the largest forest area,

however, it is one of the most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change. In 2019, the Peruvian Amazon deforestation was 4.1% less than in 2018, according to the Ministry of Enviroment and the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Irrigation.

© Daniel Martínez / WWF Peru
What is WWF doing in the Northern and Southern Amazon?

Our goal is to maintain the Amazon forest cover and the ecosystem services provision such as water, clean air, food, among others. At the same time, guarantee and improve the local population participation, ensuring their access to the territory in compliance with international standards and commitments on protecting the forests and facing the climate change.


Each action helps to conserve the forest, home of Indigenous peoples that depend on the forest for their daily activities. They are highly vulnerable to diseases, extractive activities, and infrastructure projects. Mainly the PIACI, populations in isolation or initial contact. 


"Let's work together to protect our forests and ensure a healthy planet for this and future generations."

© Daniel Martínez / WWF Peru