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Sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems
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As WWF Peru we look for economic activities that benefit the population by minimizing the impact on our rivers, lakes, lagoons, and wetlands of the Amazon, which avoids altering their hydrology, degrade or lose their habitats, overexploiting them, introducing invasive species, polluting them, or worsen actions that impact climate change.

What is the issue? 

Deficient practices without sustainability criteria for economic activities are the main trigger for the degradation or loss of habitats in the hydrographic basins of the Amazon. This occurs mainly with industrial fossil fuels extraction and legal and illegal mining, but also looking to strengthen fisheries and aquaculture. Otherwise, it is a risk to biodiversity, human health and food and water security.

The expansion of urban and agricultural areas in the Amazon put pressure on aquatic ecosystems, mainly wetlands and floodplains, both vital spaces for maintaining the natural dynamics of rivers. It is necessary to create participatory mechanisms for efficient, sustainable, and resilient management, prioritizing the protection of rivers in the country's policies and developing local strategies.

What is WWF doing?

WWF promotes the implementation of better practices, to create alternative business, and to strengthen regulation of economic activities in Amazon based on sustainability and resilience criteria.

How do we do this?

We focus our efforts on 3 main strands of action:
  • Sustainable and resilient fishing in the Amazon by supporting the strengthening of sectoral regulations, ensuring articulation, and providing support to the Production Directorates to adapt against climate change.
  • Identifying Bankable Nature Solutions to generate positive environmental, social, and economic impacts on fundamental value chains for the Peruvian Amazon.
  • And the promotion to the achievement of Sustainable Cities by strengthening the links between people and their rivers and aquatic ecosystems, betting on a population fully aware of the challenges they face and active participation of young people in the management of their water resources.

Who do we work with?

We coordinate with Iquitos and Pucallpa youth, local and international institutions of civil society, academia, government actors, and decision-makers.  

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How did it start?

In 2017, WWF Peru started a process to identify threats to aquatic ecosystems in the Peruvian Amazon, where legal and illegal mining, fossil fuels extraction, poor fishing practices, and the unplanned growth of cities were positioned as four major challenges. Thus it increases the need to change the reality by approaching new actors, offering alternatives for sustainable use of resources.

Following steps

  • The role of the Amazon regions was visible in the implementation of NDC adaptation measures worked in coordination with Consejo Amazónico para el Desarrollo de la Acuicultura, Pesca y Mypes en el Perú (CADAP) and Ministerio de Producción (PRODUCE). A roadmap for strengthening capacities to face Climate Change has been prioritized, in which it was possible to conclude the First Specialization Course called "Management for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector in Hydrographic Basins of the Amazon Territory".
  • Over a year of accompaniment, CADAP has strengthened institutionally, working together on 7 priorities and maintaining uninterrupted articulation despite the COVID context. WWF will maintain its support in the role of Technical Secretariat until February 2023.
  • According to the strategic line of Sustainable Cities, in response to the challenges of the context of the COVID19 pandemic, the digital launch of Amo el Río initiative was carried out. More than 785 thousand people were reached through social networks.

What can you do?

Be part of the change and protect the rivers you love. We can only defend what we love. Add your voice to the young people of the “Amo el Río” initiative, we invite you to get to know it here.