Artisanal fishermen affected by the oil spill were successfully trained in legal, administrative and technological matters

Posted on 13 December 2023
On January 15, 2022, one of the largest environmental disasters in the Peruvian sea occurred due to the spill of thousands of barrels of oil off the coast of Ventanilla, which extended to Chancay, causing serious damage to the marine ecosystem and its resources. Economic activities, including artisanal fishing, were also paralyzed.

To date, artisanal fishermen in the affected marine-coastal zones have faced legal, administrative and technological issues. Given this situation, WWF Peru in alliance with the Peruvian Society of Environmental Law (SPDA) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - Peru, co-organized the workshop "Institutional Management for Artisanal Fishing Organizations" aimed at artisanal fishermen and ship owners of Ventanilla, Ancon, Pasamayo and Chancay, to strengthen their knowledge on these issues.

In this regard, Milagros Mitma, WWF Peru's Marine Governance Officer, said that for almost 2 months, 25 fishermen who play the role of leaders in their respective organizations participated in the workshop. "Their perseverance and interest showed how important and valuable this space was for them. We thank them for their willingness and hope that they will be able to apply the knowledge they learned," he added.

For his part, Jean Pierre Araujo, SPDA's Marine Governance legal advisor, added that "Faced with cases such as those that occurred last January, citizens must have knowledge of how to access environmental justice tools. The leaders have shown not only their interest, but have also shared the experiences they have faced during all this time and with the training they have been able to strengthen their capacities to continue with the leadership in their communities", he said.

The workshop called "Institutional Management for Artisanal Fishing Social Organizations" included the development of 3 educational modules with 9 sessions in total, where topics such as simplified legal and institutional framework of the fisheries sector, fisheries formalization, development of soft skills, use of computer and / or digital tools, leadership and public speaking, institutional relationship, among others, were addressed by specialists from WWF, SPDA and EDF Peru.

At the end of the last session, a closing ceremony was held to present certificates of participation to the fishermen who attended and participated in all the learning sessions. Among them, Mr. Luis Chiroque, president of the Asociación Frente de Defensa de Pescadores Artesanales de Ancón, was encouraged to give his testimony during the ceremony:

"First, to thank for all the teachings we have had during all this time and that will allow us to be better leaders in our associations. I also feel that we have created a bond of friendship not only between the different associations of Ventanilla, Ancon, Pasamayo and Chancay, but also with you (WWF, SPDA and EDF). I am glad to have participated in the workshop because it is very beneficial".