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The City of Lima and WWF promote energy saving initiative

Posted on 30 January 2020
Marcia López / WWF Peru
© © Marcia López / WWF Peru
LIMA, Perú.-  Reducing energy demand is one of the greatest challenges we’re facing. Energy efficiency plays a crucial role at preventing the planet’s temperature from rising above 1.5 ℃, in order to prevent effects such as: massive extinction of species, shortage of resources (food and water), and the destruction of its ecosystems. 

The International Energy Agency stated that 40% of emission reductions could be achieved through changes in technology and energy efficiency policies.
Unless this matter is addressed on time and quickly enough, the energy use will continue to rise: in 2018, it increased by 2.3%.
The project “Energy efficiency in iconic buildings” launched in Peru, will allow to register the energy consumption in real time and optimize it, thanks to a tool called Smapee, that measures electrical consumption, and at the same time allows to distinguish which equipment is doing so. This information is useful to improve our energy use. The Lima Municiapal Palace has been chosen to be part of this project, which includes an energetic audit and recommendations of energy efficiency measurements to reduce electrical consumption at their installations.
This is a WWF global initiative that is looking to support allied governments on the path to energy efficiency, through responsible energy consumption, training and giving technical support, and the implementation of this practices in iconic buildings in different parts of the world.
“Thanks to this initiative, the Municipality of Lima will asume the comittment to reduce greenhouse effect gases and, at the same time, moderate energy consumption in its management, becoming a leader for change”, said Mariela Cánepa, Policy Director at WWF Peru.
This project has been implemented at Santiago’s Stock Exchange Market building (Chile), the Cundinamarca Governorate (Colombia), and the Lima Municipality (Perú). In order for the project to succeed in Lima, Q Energy Peru is in charge of the technical work, Smapee installation, energy audit, and roadmap to guide all parties involved towards energy efficiency.

Marcia López / WWF Peru
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