We Love Cities: global initiative for more sustainable cities in the world

Posted on 29 October 2020
We Love Cities
We Love Cities
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  • The digital campaign allows people around the world to express their love and support for sustainable urban development.
  • Three locations in Peru are participating in the campaign: The District Municipality of San Borja, the District Municipality of Magdalena del Mar, and Lima Metropolitana.
We Love Cities is an initiative launched by WWF to encourage people around the world to express their love and support for the actions cities are taking to address climate change and ensure a safe future for all. By 2020, the initiative involves more than 150 cities; 10 million commitments have been signed; and more than 100,000 suggestions have been sent to local governments for building more sustainable cities.
WWF, through We Love Cities, invites people around the world to vote for their favorite cities, share what they like through social networks and send suggestions on how these cities can improve and become more sustainable. The city with the most votes and suggestions on welovecities.org, as well as the most votes and interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram linked to the campaign, will be the winner. Each city has its own hashtag (in the case of the three Peruvian cities they are #WeLoveLima, #WeLoveMagdalena, and #WeLoveSanBorja), which can be used to add votes to the city of preference.

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In Peru, three locations went through the pre-selection process through the international One Planet City Challenge, where their commitments and performance were evaluated, and now they are competing to be the most loved city globally.
Help them win and vote for them!
  • Magdalena del Mar
It aims to reduce both its carbon and water footprints by 25% by 2025, compared to 2016 levels. To do this, it will promote renewable energy, working together with its residents, businesses and local institutions. VOTE
  • San Borja
It is supporting the adoption of a green building certification system, creating more green areas, expanding its public bus fleet and encouraging its residents to use bicycles for daily trips. VOTE
  • Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima
It has developed a climate action plan with a series of mitigation and adaptation measures. Some of the actions include the creation of more green spaces, improvement of the public transport system and waste management, as well as establishing energy efficiency targets. VOTE
We Love Cities
We Love Cities
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