Sustainable hydropower and energy sourcing

Hydropower is considered one of the cleanest energy sources on Earth. However, the construction of infrastructure for its generation may cause serious environmental impacts. These impacts include major changes in water sources where plants and reservoirs are built, such as changes in the river flow, water temperature and riverine system, among others, which can also have serious effects on human life.

With this in mind, WWF works with aims that by 2020, more stringent guidelines are applied to raise environmental standards in construction and management of hydropower infrastructure related to each new project in the Peruvian Amazon.

In this regard, the WWF Living Amazon Initiative has been fostering, through dialogue between civil society, industry and governments, hydropower and landscape plans that promote best management practices in Amazon watersheds where there is significant potential for the generation of this type of energy.

La captación natural de agua viene siendo revalorada bajo esquemas de compensación equitativa por servicios hidrológicos, como parte de una iniciativa impulsada por WWF.