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We promote climate management and environmental responsibility in companies.

What is the issue? 

To achieve the goal of reducing GHG emissions proposed in the framework of the Paris Agreement, it is necessary to have the participatio of Non-State Actors, including the Private Sector.

What is WWF doing?

WWF within the framework of the CAEP project in alliance with NDC Partnership and hand in hand with Peru 2021 has been supporting the General Direction of Climate Change and Desertification of MINAM in the implementation of a series of spaces for dialogue with the private sector called Business Dialogue. The goal is to articulate actions between the public and private sectors (business and financial) to facilitate the implementation of the NDC.

How do we do this?

During 2020, a first series of six Business Dialogues was organized, as part of Route 2 of the Climate Action Table led by Peru 2021, this served as the base to develop the second series of dialogues implemented in 2021. Each one of these dialogues focused on a specific topic related to a group of mitigation and / or adaptation measures of the NDC of Peru.


Each time the competent sector participated presenting the general panorama followed by interventions by business associations or companies where actions carried out by the private sector and that contribute to the NDCs were presented.


Who do we work with?

WWF works hand in hand with Peru 2021 and MINAM, since this work is part of Route 2 of the Climate Action Table led by Peru 2021.

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How did it start?

This project begins in  2019, responding to a request from the Ministry of the Environment to the NDC Partnership, where technical assistance was prioritized to develop a series of activities aimed at improving quality, increasing ambition, and implementing the NDCs.

What are the big wins?

During the Second Cycle of Business Dialogues, there were 20 private companies panelists who presented the climate actions that they have been implementing in the areas of energy, fishing, agriculture, finance, transportation, and others. In addition, 6 business associations and 5 ministries involved in the issues participated.
In total, 545 people participated, of which more than 60% represent the private business sector, followed by 20% representing the public sector, followed by representatives of civil society, academia, international cooperation, and others. From the presentations, around 40 corporate climate actions were identified as implemented by the panelist companies contributing to the NDCs.
From these, a large part corresponds to mitigation actions, specifically to the energy sector and USCUSS, and others to adaptation, in fishing, water and agriculture

What can you do?

 We invite you to visit the Business Dialogue information platform at the following link: