Climate witnesses

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 The Madre de Dios region, in southeast Peru, is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Unfortunately, as in the rest of the Amazon, in recent years, activities such as road building, informal mining, illegal logging; and others on the rise such as raching and small and large - sacel agriculture, have become severe threats to the region's forests.

As part of its efforts to promote the conservation of our forests and the valuation of their role in facing climate change, WWF invited a group of communications students to visit the Amazon and meet its people. These are stories they found.
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Climate Witnesses
© WWF Perú

An enthuasiast collaboration

 This work is the resultof the contribution and committed effort of several people and institutions, including students from " Instituto Toulouse Lautrec (Toulouse Lautrec Institute)" within their "Trabajo Real Aplicado a Empresas (Real Work Applied to Businesses)" initiative, GAIA who generously shared their musical talent, Sony who provided the required audiovisual equipment, and the Norwegian Agencia for Development Cooperation (NORAD).