An integrated effort for the peruvian ocean

Referred to by WWF as priority conservation areas, the marine ecosystems in Peru are highly productive, representing up to 10% of the world’s catch and are habitats for biological diversity of global importance. However, despite its high value for conservation and food security, the Peruvian ocean still lacks a full representative network of marine protected areas to ensure its sustainability.

WWF’s goal is that by 2020 a representative network of marine protected areas contributes to biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries, while helping guarantee the sustainable development of our coastlines and reduce its vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, through strengthened legal frameworks.

WWF Peru efforts align with the Convention on Biological Diversity, the National Strategy of Biological Diversity and WWF’s Southern Cone Partnership – Argentina, Chile and Peru – with the objective of bulding government capacity, and ensuring that by 2020 at least 80% of critical marine and coastal habitats maintain their ecological functions.
Lobos marinos finos (Arctocephalus australis), depredadores tope del ecosistema marino de Humboldt.