Protecting the biodiversity of our oceans

The Peruvian coastline borders one of the most biodiverse and productive oceans worldwide.

It is home to 750 fish species, 18 dolphins, 5 marine turtles and over 1000 mollusk species. However, unsustainable fishing practices, lack of continuous monitoring of artisanal vessels and policy gaps in industrial fishing regulations, among other factors, are threatening this incredible patrimony.

WWF Peru works with the aim that by
2020, critical conservation areas have been identified to maintain healthy populations of emblematic marine fauna, such as dolphins, whales and marine turtles, among others. WWF Peru also works towards increased prioritization of marine conservation and exclusion from marine-coastal development by the year 2020.

In this regard, WWF Peru also fosters the use of improved fishing gear to avoid bycatch of marine turtles. Through different trainings
on more sustainable methods – for example encouraging the use of circular hooks instead of traditional “J” hooks – with hundreds
of artisanal fishermen from the five most important ports in Peru, bycatch of marine turtles has been reduced in mahi-mahi longline fishery, in some cases, up to 70%.