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Kurt Holle

He's passionate about nature and firmly believes that to protect it, people must first enjoy it and value it. For this reason, during over 25 years, he has focused on bringing together biodiversity conservation and business activity, under a vision of sustainability and generating benefits for local population.
In addition to being founder and former director of Rainforest Expeditions - ecotourism company, with numerous awards for its inclusive and innovative management model - Kurt has extensive experience as a consultant in sustainable business, product development and marketing, for various companies. In the past, he has worked as a consultant with leading organizations such as the Moore Foundation, Swisscontact Worldwide and Nature Services Peru and, together with actors such as the Ministry of Environment, has successfully contributed to formulating strategies to better manage tourism in protected areas and generate incentives for conservation.
Kurt is a forestry engineer from the La Molina Agrarian University and has various specializations in tourism management, leadership and marketing, among others.